Kelaflix Classics Bundle #6 - Oscar Micheaux - 1st Black Filmmaker - 6 Films

Kelaflix Classics Bundle #6 - Oscar Micheaux - 1st Black Filmmaker - 6 Films

Oscar Devereaux Micheaux January 2, 1884 – March 25, 1951) was an American author, film director and independent producer of more than 44 films. Although the short-lived Lincoln Motion Picture Company produced some films, he is regarded as the first major African-American feature filmmaker, the most successful African-American filmmaker of the first half of the twentieth century and the most prominent producer of race films. He produced both silent films and "talkies" after the industry changed to incorporate speaking actors.

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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #6 - Oscar Micheaux - 1st Black Filmmaker - 6 Films

6 Videos

  • Lying-Lips-Oscar-Micheaux

    Lying Lips is a 1939, melodrama, race movie by Oscar Micheaux, starring Edna Mae Harris, and Robert Earl Jones (the father of James Earl Jones).

    Lying Lips was the thirty-seventh film of Micheaux.


    Elsie, a popular nightclub singer, refuses to go out with the customers at the request...

  • Murder-In-Harlem

    Murder in Harlem (also released as Lem Hawkins Confession) is a 1935 American race film written, produced and directed by Oscar Micheaux, who also appears in the film. He remade his 1921 silent film The Gunsaulus Mystery.

    Basing the works on the 1913 trial of Leo Frank for the murder of Mary P...

  • Son-Of-Ingagi-1940

    Son of Ingagi is a 1940 American film directed by Richard C. Kahn. Son of Ingagi is the first science fiction-horror film to feature an all-black cast.

    The film is about Elanor and Bob Lindsay inheriting the house of the doctor Helen Jackson who had just returned from her trip to Africa. Jack...

  • Ten-Minutes-To-Live

    Ten Minutes to Live is a 1932 American film directed by Oscar Micheaux.

    A movie producer offers a nightclub singer a role in his latest film, but all he really wants to do is bed her. She knows, but accepts anyway. Meanwhile, a patron at the club gets a note saying that she'll soon get another...

  • Swing-Oscar-Micheaux

    Swing! is a 1938 American race film directed, produced and written by Oscar Micheaux.

    Mandy Jenkins (Cora Green), an African American cook for a wealthy white family in Birmingham, Alabama, discovers her husband Cornell is having an affair with Eloise Jackson (Hazel Diaz). When she confronts h...

  • Body-And-Soul-Oscar-Micheaux

    A minister is malevolent and sinister behind his righteous facade. He consorts with, and later extorts from, the owner of a gambling house, and betrays an honest girl, eventually driving them both to ruin.

    - Written by Martin H. Booda