Kelaflix Classics Bundle #5 - BONANZA!! 32 Episodes!!

Kelaflix Classics Bundle #5 - BONANZA!! 32 Episodes!!

Bonanza was ranked No. 43 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time,[2] and in 2013 TV Guide included it in its list of The 60 Greatest Dramas of All Time.[3] The time period for the television series is roughly between 1861 (Season 1) to 1867 (Season 13) during and shortly after the American Civil War.

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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #5 - BONANZA!! 32 Episodes!!

32 Videos

  • Bonanza-Blood-On-The-Land-S01-E22

    "Blood On The Land"
    Season 1
    Episode 22

    A sheepherder and his men try to drive their sheep across the Ponderosa. Ben and Adam disagree about how to stop them. Ben wants the Cartwrights to handle their own matters, Adam wants to let the law handle the situation. After Adam is taken hostage, B...

  • Bonanza-Breed-Of-Violence

    "Breed Of Violence"
    Season 2
    Episode 9
    Joe's friend Dolly Kincaid is the daughter of the sheriff and she's always getting caught up with the wrong crowd. When she gets close to Vince Dagen, Joe gets worried and tries to intervene.

  • Bonanza-Death-At-Dawn-S01-E32

    "Death At Dawn"
    Season 1
    Episode 32

    The town is being run by bad guys and the Cartwrights decide it has to stop. When a local merchant is gunned down for refusing to pay protection, Farmer Perkins is tried and sentenced to hang. Ben is taken hostage by Perkins' employer, with threats to hang...

  • Bonanza-Denver-McKee

    "Denver McKee"
    Season 2
    Episode 6

    While celebrating the return of his daughter Connie, former lawman McKee is asked to assist in the capture of an outlaw gang. While Joe is courting Connie, no one realizes that McKee is involved with the outlaws.

  • Bonanza-San-Francisco-S01-E28

    "San Francisco"
    Season 1
    Episode 28

    In this episode Ben, Hoss, Joe, and Hop-Sing go to San Francisco to sell their cattle, get shanghai'd, and break up the racket with the help of some of Hop-Sing's many cousins.

  • Bonanza-Badge-Without-Honor

    "Badge Without Honor"
    Season 2
    Episode 3

    Adam is rescued from an ambush by Gerald Eskith, a lawman who is on a mission to Virginia City. Eskith is looking for a man who happens to be married to a close friend of the Cartwrights. By the time Adam realises what Eskith's real agenda is, he disc...

  • Bonanza-Dark-Star-S01-E31

    "Dark Star"
    Season 1
    Episode 31

    Joe is about to shoot what he thinks is a wolf and discovers it is a woman. The woman turns out to be a gypsy, who her people think is possessed by the devil. Joe falls in love and she is taken in by the Cartwrights after her family shuns her. Joe is determine...

  • Bonanza-Day-Of-Reckoning

    "Day Of Reckoning"
    Season 2
    Episode 7

    After being injured in a fight, Ben is nursed back to health by Matsou and his wife Hatoya. In return, Ben give the two Indians land to settle and farm. However Matsou's brother and a neighbor are set on making sure that Matsou and his wife don't succeed...

  • Bonanza-Desert-Justice-S01-E23

    "Desert Justice"
    Season 1
    Episode 23

    U.S. Marshal Emmett Dowd arrives at the Ponderosa to take back ranch hand Dave Walker to face trial in Los Angeles. Concerned by the way Dowd treats Walker and believing the man to be innocent, Adam and Hoss decide to go along to make sure that Walker rea...

  • Bonanza-Escape-To-Ponderosa-S01-E25

    "Escape To Ponderosa"
    Season 1
    Episode 25

    Adam is bushwhacked by three men, who turn out to have deserted from the army. When Ben pursues them, he is hindered by a Captain Bolton, who is also after the three men.

  • Bonanza-Feet-Of-Clay-S01-E30

    "Feet Of Clay"
    Season 1
    Episode 30

    The Cartwrights take young Billy Allen to the Ponderosa, following the death of his mother. The sheriff needs someone to care for Billy until his uncle comes to take custody. Bitter and with a bad attitude, Hoss seems to be the only one that is able to pene...

  • Bonanza-Showdown-S02-E01

    Season 2
    Episode 1

    The show opens with the Virginia City bank being robbed. One of the robbers - Sam Kirby - gets hired on at the Ponderosa to keep the others abreast of the search activity while they wait for things to die down. All the Cartwrights but Joe think Sam is okay. Joe ...

  • Bonanza-Silent-Thunder

    "Silent Thunder"
    Season 2
    Episode 13
    Captivated by the pretty, deaf-mute daughter of a reclusive mountain man, Little Joe teaches the young woman sign language. Thrilled with her newfound ability to communicate, Annie mistakes her gratitude to Little Joe for love, much to the chagrin of Albie,...

  • Bonanza-The-Abduction

    "The Abduction"
    Season 2
    Episode 8
    When Joe brings the daughter of a local tycoon to the carnival, she goes missing. Will they find her before it's too late?

  • Bonanza-The-Ape

    "The Ape"
    Season 2
    Episode 14
    Hoss decides to help Arnie, a man who has never learned to control his great strength. Things seem to be working out until Arnie falls for a saloon girl. Hoss realizes that he is facing an uphill battle to help Arnie lead the kind of life that he has always wanted...

  • Bonanza-The-Avenger-S01-E26

    "The Avenger"
    Season 1
    Episode 26

    Ben and Adam are in the Virginia City jail waiting to be hanged. Last minute bids by Joe and Hoss to get them out are hindered by another rancher who wants to see Ben dead. A stranger arrives in town looking for his father's murderer, but is he a help or a h...

  • Bonanza-The-Blood-Line

    "The Blood Line"
    Season 2
    Episode 15
    The son of Luke Grayson is out for revenge when he discovers that Ben Cartwright killed his father, even though it was in self defence. Despite this, Ben and Hoss are determined to help the young man find a new life for himself.

  • Bonanza-The-Courtship

    "The Courtship"
    Season 2
    Episode 16
    Ben sends Hoss and Joe to Sacremento to check on the widow of an old friend of Ben's. Hoss finds himself falling in love with the widow - Helen Layton and decides to bring her back to the Ponderosa. He intends to marry her, unaware of her true nature. When A...

  • Bonanza-The-Fear-Merchants-S01-E20

    "The Fear Merchants"
    Season 1
    Episode 20

    The Cartwrights are in Virginia City to celebrate the birthday of Jimmy Chang. They soon find out, much to their distaste, that there are a number of people who don't like the Chinese. However, when Jimmy is accused of murdering the daughter of his em...

  • Bonanza-The-Hopefuls

    "The Hopefuls"
    Season 2
    Episode 5

    Whilst in Virginia City on ranch business, Adam mets up with Sam Board. As they are leaving town, they come across a wagon train and they both decide to help the settlers out. Adam finds himself falling for the daughter of the group's leader. However, when B...

  • Bonanza-The-Mission-S02-E02

    "The Mission"
    Season 2
    Episode 2

    Hoss befriends an old drunk named Charlie Trent, who at one time had been the best scout the Army had. He led John C. Fremont and his Expedition across the Great Salt Flats. When the Army's current scout, Lewt Cutter, refuses to obey Captain Pender's orders, ...

  • Bonanza-The-Savage

    "The Savage"
    Season 2
    Episode 12
    While on his way to visit a man about windmills, Adam is wounded by Indians and left for dead. He is found by Ruth, who has lived most of her life in the mountains. After a rocky beginning, Adam and Ruth find themselves falling in love with each other. The Indi...

  • Bonanza-The-Spanish-Grant-S01-E21

    "The Spanish Grant"
    Season 1
    Episode 21

    When the Cartwrights find out that some of the Ponderosa may be forfeited under the Spanish Land Grant, they decide to take legal action in order to stop it. Adam, however, takes another plan of action, which involves getting to know the beautiful heir...

  • Bonanza-The-Spitfire

  • Bonanza-The-Stranger-S01-E24

    "The Stranger"
    Season 1
    Episode 24

    Ben's past catches up with him, when an inspector from New Orleans arrives in Virginia City. It seems Ben is wanted in New Orleans for murder and must go back to face trial. This puts an end to Ben's run to become governor. Joe decides that it's up to him...

  • Bonanza-Bitter-Water-S01-E29

    "Bitter Water"
    Season 1
    Episode 29

    The Cartwrights find themselves involved in a fight over water rights, when the son of one of their neighbors is influenced by the father of his fiancee. Lem Keith wants to destroy the Ponderosa and will stop at nothing including infecting Ponderosa cattle ...

  • Bonanza-The-Gunmen-S01-E19

    "The Gunmen"
    Season 1
    Episode 19

    Joe and Hoss arrive in the town of Keowa Flats, Texas. They are immediately mistaken for two gunslinging brothers - the Slades. Joe and Hoss soon find themselves involved in a feud. They soon realize that they are the only ones who are in a position to stop...

  • Bonanza-The-Last-Trophy-S01-E27

    "The Last Trophy"
    Season 1
    Episode 27

    Lord and Lady Dunsford arrive at the Ponderosa to visit their old friend Ben. Adam finds himself the object of Lady Dunsford's attentions when she deems him to be a braver man than her husband. Adam then takes the couple on a hunting trip, where Lord Dun...

  • Bonanza-The-Mill

    "The Mill"
    Season 2
    Episode 4

    Ben's neighbor, Joyce Edwards comes to the Ponderosa to ask Ben to help her husband. Ben agrees to help out his old friend, Tom, who was disabled in a hunting accident years ago. Ben and Joyce hope that building a mill will help Tom break free of his depression ...

  • Bonanza-S-5-E-30-Enter-Thomas-Bowers

    Black opera singer Thomas Bowers comes to Virginia City for a concert, but is suspected of being a runaway slave.

  • Bonanza-S10-E23-The-Wish

    Hoss spends his two-month vacation helping a black family get their farm in shape, and dealing with racism in the neighboring town.

  • Bonanza-S-12-E-19-The Desperado

    It's a case of reverse racism, as a white-hating black outlaw couple kidnap Hoss and scheme to kill him.

    Philip Leacock
    David Dortort (created by), George Lovell Hayes
    Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon