Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!!

Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!!

Petticoat Junction is an American situation comedy produced by Wayfilms (a joint venture of Filmways Television and Pen-Ten Productions) that originally aired on CBS from September 1963 to April 1970. The series is one of three interrelated shows about rural characters created by Paul Henning. Petticoat Junction was created upon the success of Henning's previous rural/urban-themed sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies (1962–1971). The success of Petticoat Junction led to a spin-off Green Acres (1965–1971).

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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!!

16 Videos

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x05-The-Courtship-Of-Floyd-Smoot

    Floyd Smoot, the conductor, is courting a women through the mail - but when she ends it after receiving a photo of him, he looses all confidence. Kate tries to help him think all the women from Hooterville and the surrounding area have eyes for him, but instead he gets the idea that Kate has been...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x24-Behind-All-Silver-There's-A-Cloud-Lining

    Uncle Joe is given the task of digging a drainage ditch for the Shady Rest. He finds the lazy way to do it by spreading rumors of a silver mine in the ground by the Shady Rest. He figures others will do the digging for him.

    Jean Yarbrough
    Paul Henning (created by), Marti...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x25-The-Talent-Contest

    The girls enter a talent contents that Uncle Joe arranges. He also wants to arrange one of his nieces winning the contest.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x26-Kate-And-The-Manpower-Problem

    When Kate's old friend Emily Mapes comes to the Shady Rest, she notices that Kate is unmarried and wants to see her wed. Emily recruits Kate's daughters to round up some bachelors to go to the Shady Rest to court Kate. However, Uncle Joe thinks that if Kate finds a man, he will lose his job
    - Wr...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x28-The-Hooterville-Flivverball

    Uncle Joe gets angry at Charlie and Floyd when he is left behind by the Cannonball. He decides to start his own transport business by using the "Flivverball" an old car converted into a railway car. Kate must now deal with the feuding groups before the cannonball goes out of business.
    - Written ...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x29-Kate-The-Stockholder

    Homer Bedloe wants to get rid of the Cannonball Express in Hooterville, so he begins to harass Floyd and Charley. Kate finds a way stop Bedloe.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x31-Charley-Abandons-The-Cannonball

    Charley feels that no one is paying any attention to him, so he quits working on the Cannonball.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x32-Dog-Days-At-Shady-Rest

    The president of the railroad company has a dog that seems bored. His solution is to send the dog to the Shady Rest for a vacation.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x35-Local-Girl-Makes-Good

    A former resident returns to Hooterville and seems to be a self-made woman. Mary Jane is a business executive who can handle any situation and seems to have a way with men.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x36-Cave-Woman

    A business representative from a company visits the Shady Rest to determine if a business convention should be held there. No one seems to be able to close the deal, and Kate is missing.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x37-Kate-Flat-On-Her-Back

    After Kate's ordeal of being caught in a cave-in, she has a badly sprained ankle. A business executive is still considering the Shady Rest for a business convention. Can Kate close the deal?

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x38-The-Genghis-Keane-Story

    Kate's former grade school teacher returns to Hooterville. Kate tells her children how Miss Keane was so strict on all the children, and she was a dreaded teacher. However, the returning Miss Keane seems to have mellowed over her years away
    - Written by Bernie

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x04-Is-There-A-Doctor-In-The-Roundhouse.(Part.2)

    The Shady Rest's Annual Jamboree is threatened when railroad CEO Norman Curtis breaks the Cannonball's throttle lever, but the executive tries to make amends with a determined effort to obtain the nearly-nonexistent replacement part.

    David Alexander
    Paul Henning (created...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x19-Visit-From-A-Big-Star

    Uncle Joe has made a deal with Lucy Wayne, the secretary of suave movie star Lane Haggard, for them to stay for two weeks at the Shady Rest. Incognito as Mr. Jones, Haggard, according to Miss Wayne, needs to get some rest and relaxation away from prying public eyes.

    But upon their arrival, Mi...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x22-The-Art-Game

    Uncle Joe decides to take up painting and hopes to make money with his new venture. When an antique dealer buys a painting, Joe thinks he is a new art master on his way to success. However, the dealer only wants the valuable picture frame.

    Guy Scarpitta
    Paul Henning (cre...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x23-Betty-Jo's-First-Love

    Tomboy Betty Jo falls in love with Orville, who only has eyes for cars!

    Guy Scarpitta
    Paul Henning (created by), Hannibal Coons
    Bea Benaderet, Edgar Buchanan, Jeannine Riley