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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #5 - BONANZA!! 32 Episodes!! – 49m

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  • Bonanza-The-Last-Trophy-S01-E27

    "The Last Trophy"
    Season 1
    Episode 27

    Lord and Lady Dunsford arrive at the Ponderosa to visit their old friend Ben. Adam finds himself the object of Lady Dunsford's attentions when she deems him to be a braver man than her husband. Adam then takes the couple on a hunting trip, where Lord Dun...

  • Bonanza-The-Mill

    "The Mill"
    Season 2
    Episode 4

    Ben's neighbor, Joyce Edwards comes to the Ponderosa to ask Ben to help her husband. Ben agrees to help out his old friend, Tom, who was disabled in a hunting accident years ago. Ben and Joyce hope that building a mill will help Tom break free of his depression ...

  • Bonanza-S-5-E-30-Enter-Thomas-Bowers

    Black opera singer Thomas Bowers comes to Virginia City for a concert, but is suspected of being a runaway slave.