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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #5 - BONANZA!! 32 Episodes!! – 49m

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  • Bonanza-The-Fear-Merchants-S01-E20

    "The Fear Merchants"
    Season 1
    Episode 20

    The Cartwrights are in Virginia City to celebrate the birthday of Jimmy Chang. They soon find out, much to their distaste, that there are a number of people who don't like the Chinese. However, when Jimmy is accused of murdering the daughter of his em...

  • Bonanza-The-Hopefuls

    "The Hopefuls"
    Season 2
    Episode 5

    Whilst in Virginia City on ranch business, Adam mets up with Sam Board. As they are leaving town, they come across a wagon train and they both decide to help the settlers out. Adam finds himself falling for the daughter of the group's leader. However, when B...

  • Bonanza-The-Mission-S02-E02

    "The Mission"
    Season 2
    Episode 2

    Hoss befriends an old drunk named Charlie Trent, who at one time had been the best scout the Army had. He led John C. Fremont and his Expedition across the Great Salt Flats. When the Army's current scout, Lewt Cutter, refuses to obey Captain Pender's orders, ...