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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #5 - BONANZA!! 32 Episodes!! – 49m

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  • Bonanza-Desert-Justice-S01-E23

    "Desert Justice"
    Season 1
    Episode 23

    U.S. Marshal Emmett Dowd arrives at the Ponderosa to take back ranch hand Dave Walker to face trial in Los Angeles. Concerned by the way Dowd treats Walker and believing the man to be innocent, Adam and Hoss decide to go along to make sure that Walker rea...

  • Bonanza-Escape-To-Ponderosa-S01-E25

    "Escape To Ponderosa"
    Season 1
    Episode 25

    Adam is bushwhacked by three men, who turn out to have deserted from the army. When Ben pursues them, he is hindered by a Captain Bolton, who is also after the three men.

  • Bonanza-Feet-Of-Clay-S01-E30

    "Feet Of Clay"
    Season 1
    Episode 30

    The Cartwrights take young Billy Allen to the Ponderosa, following the death of his mother. The sheriff needs someone to care for Billy until his uncle comes to take custody. Bitter and with a bad attitude, Hoss seems to be the only one that is able to pene...