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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #2 - 10 Ninja Flix!! – 1h 18m

Up Next in Kelaflix Classics Bundle #2 - 10 Ninja Flix!!

  • Ninja-Heat

    A Story Of Revenge...

  • Ninja-The-Protector

    by Ninja Thunderbolt (United Kingdom)

    Ninja the Protector is yet another triumph for the 'versatile ninja master' Richard Harrison, and an astonishing masterclass in suspense and action that only Joseph Lai could serve up.

    When faced with the tyranny of an evil ninja empire run by an overwe...

  • Shadow-Ninja

    A veteran and tough sheriff's wife has a gambling problem. He works both sides of the law. He gets teamed up with a young cop who he is told to take under his wing. They end up working together well and the young cop's martial arts skills are very useful.