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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #2 - 10 Ninja Flix!! – 1h 31m

Up Next in Kelaflix Classics Bundle #2 - 10 Ninja Flix!!

  • Death-Of-A-Ninja - Ninja-Wars

    A fortuneteller prophesizes that whoever marries the beautiful Ukio will become the ruler of the world. Naturally, this makes her very popular with those vying for power, particularly the insatiably greedy Lord Donjo. Only the ninja Jotaro can stop Donjo's plan, but to do so, he must first battle...

  • Ninja-Champion

    A couple's quest to avenge the assault and rape of the wife by a trio of thugs, while a group of ninjas watch from afar and wait for the opportunity to move in.

  • Ninja-Death-1

    Ninja Death (1987)
    Directed by Joseph Kuo. Starring Fei Meng and Alexander Lo Rei ("Tiger"). Not Rated.

    Running time: 01:23:08
    Country: Taiwan

    NINJA DEATH is the first film in a trilogy, which I was aware of going into it. But what I didn't know is that all three films are connect togeth...