Watch Petticoat-Junction-1x37-Kate-Flat-On-Her-Back

Watch Petticoat-Junction-1x37-Kate-Flat-On-Her-Back

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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!! – 25m

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  • Petticoat-Junction-1x38-The-Genghis-K...

    Kate's former grade school teacher returns to Hooterville. Kate tells her children how Miss Keane was so strict on all the children, and she was a dreaded teacher. However, the returning Miss Keane seems to have mellowed over her years away
    - Written by Bernie

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x04-Is-There-A-Do...

    The Shady Rest's Annual Jamboree is threatened when railroad CEO Norman Curtis breaks the Cannonball's throttle lever, but the executive tries to make amends with a determined effort to obtain the nearly-nonexistent replacement part.

    David Alexander
    Paul Henning (created...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x19-Visit-From-A-...

    Uncle Joe has made a deal with Lucy Wayne, the secretary of suave movie star Lane Haggard, for them to stay for two weeks at the Shady Rest. Incognito as Mr. Jones, Haggard, according to Miss Wayne, needs to get some rest and relaxation away from prying public eyes.

    But upon their arrival, Mi...