Watch Petticoat-Junction-1x31-Charley-Abandons-The-Cannonball

Watch Petticoat-Junction-1x31-Charley-Abandons-The-Cannonball

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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!! – 25m

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  • Petticoat-Junction-1x32-Dog-Days-At-S...

    The president of the railroad company has a dog that seems bored. His solution is to send the dog to the Shady Rest for a vacation.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x35-Local-Girl-Ma...

    A former resident returns to Hooterville and seems to be a self-made woman. Mary Jane is a business executive who can handle any situation and seems to have a way with men.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x36-Cave-Woman

    A business representative from a company visits the Shady Rest to determine if a business convention should be held there. No one seems to be able to close the deal, and Kate is missing.