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Watch Petticoat-Junction-1x05-The-Courtship-Of-Floyd-Smoot

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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!! – 27m

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  • Petticoat-Junction-1x24-Behind-All-Si...

    Uncle Joe is given the task of digging a drainage ditch for the Shady Rest. He finds the lazy way to do it by spreading rumors of a silver mine in the ground by the Shady Rest. He figures others will do the digging for him.

    Jean Yarbrough
    Paul Henning (created by), Marti...

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x25-The-Talent-Co...

    The girls enter a talent contents that Uncle Joe arranges. He also wants to arrange one of his nieces winning the contest.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x26-Kate-And-The-...

    When Kate's old friend Emily Mapes comes to the Shady Rest, she notices that Kate is unmarried and wants to see her wed. Emily recruits Kate's daughters to round up some bachelors to go to the Shady Rest to court Kate. However, Uncle Joe thinks that if Kate finds a man, he will lose his job
    - Wr...