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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #10 - Petticoat Junction - 16 Episodes!! – 25m

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  • Petticoat-Junction-1x28-The-Hootervil...

    Uncle Joe gets angry at Charlie and Floyd when he is left behind by the Cannonball. He decides to start his own transport business by using the "Flivverball" an old car converted into a railway car. Kate must now deal with the feuding groups before the cannonball goes out of business.
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  • Petticoat-Junction-1x29-Kate-The-Stoc...

    Homer Bedloe wants to get rid of the Cannonball Express in Hooterville, so he begins to harass Floyd and Charley. Kate finds a way stop Bedloe.

  • Petticoat-Junction-1x31-Charley-Aband...

    Charley feels that no one is paying any attention to him, so he quits working on the Cannonball.