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Kelaflix Classics Bundle #7 - 26 Black-Legacy-Films-&-TV-Shows – 1h 6m

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  • The-Devils-Daughter

    The Devil's Daughter, also known as Pocomania, is a 1939 American film directed by Arthur H. Leonard.

    Nina Mae McKinney can be heard singing an excerpt of The Devil’s Daughter soundtrack on the album Jamaica Folk Trance Possession 1939-1961.

    Sylvia Walton (Ida James) of Harlem inherits a Ja...

  • Bonanza-S10-E23-The-Wish

    Hoss spends his two-month vacation helping a black family get their farm in shape, and dealing with racism in the neighboring town.

  • Bonanza-S-12-E-19-The Desperado

    It's a case of reverse racism, as a white-hating black outlaw couple kidnap Hoss and scheme to kill him.

    Philip Leacock
    David Dortort (created by), George Lovell Hayes
    Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon